10Pcs/Set Pro Oval Foundation Powder Brushes

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Product Overview

Package Size:35.2*21.3*4.1cm Package Weight:0.3kg Production Size:35.2*21.3*4.1cm Production Weight:0.3kg







  • Very dense brush for streak free blending;

  • Large enough to use for foundation and powder application;

  • Small enough to blend and contour your concealer, brush or bronzer;

  • High quality fibers for minimal hair loss;

  • Can be used with liquid, powder and mousse products;

  • Great items to put in your makeup bag.

  • Suit for home personal and professional use.


  • Material of bristle: Synthetic hair

  • Material of handle: Nylon

  • Handle color: Black

  • Hair color: Brown

  • Size:

  1. handle: 16.5cm/ W: 4cm/ H: 2.6cm/ hair diameter: 3.8*4.8cm

  2. handle: 16cm/ W: 3.4cm/ H: 2cm/ hair diameter: 3.1*4.2cm

  3. handle: 15.4cm/ W: 2.8cm/ H: 1.4cm/ hair diameter: 2.5*3.6cm

  4. handle: 14.8cm/ W: 2.2cm/ H: 1.4cm/ hair diameter: 1.8cm

  5. handle: 14.1cm/ W: 1.4cm/ H: 1.4cm/ hair diameter: 1.2cm

  6. handle: 14cm/ W: 0.7cm/ H: 1.2cm/ hair diameter: 0.4*2.6cm

  7. handle: 13.5cm/ W: 0.6cm/ H: 0.9cm/ hair diameter: 0.3*1.7cm

  8. handle: 13cm/ W: 0.5cm/ H: 0.8cm/ hair diameter: 0.25*1.2cm

  9. handle: 11.9cm/ W: 1cm/ H: 1.1cm/ hair diameter: 0.7cm

  10. handle: 11.9cm/ W: 1cm/ H: 1cm/ hair diameter: 0.7cm


(No reviews yet) Write a Review