15'' LCD Digital Writing/Drawing Laptop with colour options

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0.20 KGS
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Product Overview


  • 12’’ LCD writing board
    Writing stylus
    Button Cell Battery included
    Colourful packaging
    Product size:28.6*19.2*1 cm

  • Product Weight:0.3kg

  • Packaging size:28.3*18.6*0.8 cm

  • Product Weight:0.2kg

  • Traditional habits: chalk dust more, injury to the eye, nose and throat and immune system; pencil paper waste, time accumulation, waste of serious, consumption of resources; toxic color pigment, formaldehyde, ethanol, and the skin to reduce the immune system; cell phones affect children's eyesight, hands-on ability is insufficient...


    The features of this product:

    1. harmless, harmless, healthy and healthy erase board: it can be used as an early education toy, dictation board, calculation paper, drawing Sketchpad, message board.

    2. no ink, no dust, pressure painting, one key clearance, environmental health, anti knock and beat.

    3. save resources

    12 inch tablet specification parameter (ASYW1012A)

    1. net product weight: 216g; gross weight: 258g.

    2. product size: 282.7*185.7mm; color box size: 286*192*9.5mm; outer package size: 535*300*225mm; flat card size: 526*290mm;

    3. packing quantity: 50pcs; net weight 10.80Kgs, gross weight 13.72Kgs.

    Usage method

    1. the writing and drawing of the pen with the use of electronic writing board, the different lines produced by different pen pressure are different in thickness.

    2. press the scavenging key to clear the contents of the handwriting board, and the screen will flash a few times when it clears.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review