30cm luminous glow moon wall sticker

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• The main raw material for luminous stickers is photo-storage luminous powder (no radioactivity). The photo-energy storage luminous powder is a fluorescent powder that is stored after being exposed to natural light, daylight, ultraviolet light, etc., after the light is stopped. It is slowly released in a fluorescent manner, so at night or in the dark, light can still be seen for a duration of several hours to ten hours. So when the parents receive it, try to let it be exposed to the outside and absorb the light. Don't block anything. It is only after the daylighting that there is night light. The more you absorb, the brighter it is, the longer it takes~ •

• Regarding the brightness problem: I will be a bit puzzled when I look at the evaluation. Why are some buyers saying that they are very bright and some are not very bright? In fact, it is mainly the problem of absorbing light. Some buyers have good lighting in the room, and they sleep late at night. Of course, they absorb more light, which is brighter and longer


(No reviews yet) Write a Review