5IN1 Multi-function charging station

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360° rotating charger, iphone/micro USB/Type-C three-in-one charger, wireless fast charging, smart watch charging bracket,

The wireless headset charging dock is all in one. Different mobile phones correspond to different charging interfaces. When this seat is charged,

You can let your beloved machine support the charging, so that it also shows a unique side when charging, which is convenient and beautiful.

Give the love machine a safe dwelling! With the base, you can easily access the dock connector port for synchronization or charging.

How to Use:
1:Connect BXD-07 to DC 5V output USB charger by its USB cable.

2: Drafter connecting to the power supply, you could choose dock plug charge or wireless charge:
-Dock Plug Charge: Plug and charge optional, plugs for iPhone, Android micro USB or Type-C Mobile Phone, compatible for more than 99% of smart phones.
-Wireless Charge: If your mobile phone Built in wireless charge Function, you could put it on BXD-07 and change directly, IF YOUR MOBILE PHONE DO NOT BUILT UP IN WIRELESS CHARGE FUNCTION, YOU NEED TO CONNECT YOUR PHONE TO A RECEIVING COIL AND THEN CHARGE.

3:Bluetooth earphone Charger Dock: Directly Plug in your apple Bluetooth Headset is OK
4: Smart Watch Charging stand: it can charging for smart watch, when you mount watch charger cable.

Input: DC5V-3A, 9V-1.8A

Cradle output: DC 5V-1.5 A

USB cable length: 1.2 meters

Product dimensions: 230 × 90 * 57.5mm

Packing dimensions: 245 × 109 × 58mm


(No reviews yet) Write a Review