Art Naturals Blackhead Remover Kit

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A product that can help you remove blackheads, pimples and blemishes at home without exposing yourself to contaminations

A surgical grade set of blackhead extractors which are not only safe on your skin but are also dead easy to use

Art Naturals Blackhead Remover Kit - The blackhead extractor

Manufactured with premium grade stainless steel, the set includes 5 Double Looped Tools which easily take on any size blemish; even those located in the most conspicuous part of your body with complete ease. The handles are textured for just the perfect grip during use.The blackhead removers are surgical grade, which means they are the same quality as those used, trusted and recommended by professional dermatologists and Estheticians for safe skin procedures.The set comes in a fancy leather zipper bag for compactness during storage and travel. You can easily carry it in your purse with your makeup kit to quickly deal with blemishes as you notice them while freshening up.

The Blackhead Remover Kit is a quality product with many benefits, including:

• Surgical grade tools with proven effectiveness.

• Rust-free, corrosion and stain resistant.

• Designed for comfort on skin and easy handling.

• Fully equipped to extract any size blemish, anywhere on your body.

• Anti-Acne tools recommended by professionals. Why risk your health and beauty with tools of unproven quality when you can get the very best blackhead remover tools used by actual professionals


(No reviews yet) Write a Review