Electric toothbrush men and women adult household non-rechargeable soft fur full automatic waterproof couple sonic toothbrush

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electric toothbrush
0.05 KGS
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Product Overview

Color white, pink, blue
Power supply method: Dry battery
Net weight: 51.5g
Appearance size: 22.5 * 9 * 2.8cm



Function description:
1. Gear memory function: gears can be switched continuously within 5 seconds, one gear, two gears, three gears, and shutdown.
Press the button for more than 5 seconds, press it again to turn off. Shut down after 5 seconds of work and remember the last working mode.
(One, two, three gears, three lights from top to bottom)
2. Three lights flash continuously during work, indicating that the battery is about to run out, reminding to replace the battery.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review