Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q)



What does ‘awaiting fulfilment’ mean?

‘Awaiting fulfilment’ means that we have acknowledged your order and it is currently being processed.  You do not need to do anything further to your order if you can see this message on your account.


How long does it take to receive my order?

Living Social: 14 working days after voucher has been redeemed.

Bespoke: 10 working days after the voucher has been redeemed.

Mighty deals: 10 working days after the voucher has been redeemed.

Go Groopie*: 21 working days after voucher has been redeemed.

Pigsback*: 21 working days after voucher has been redeemed.

Dealrush: 21 working days after voucher has been redeemed.

Note:  Please allow 1-2 additional working days for orders being delivered to Ireland, as these orders are processed in a fulfilment centre in Dublin before being delivered to the customer.

*If you place an order through Go Groopie or Pigsback, you do not need to enter any further information on our website.  Once you have received your voucher number, your order has been placed.


My tablet/smartpad is faulty, what should I do?

If you are having problems with a tablet or smartpad, please use the following reset instructions:

Make sure the tablet is off for this and plugged into charge.

Look at the reverse of the tablet for a small pin hole, once spotted please use a small (pin/pen/anything that will fit) and press into the space until you hear a click. Please hold down for 15 seconds.

The process can take up to 15 minutes to configure. During this, the screen should flicker and turn on.

Once reset please allow the tablet to charge fully for approximately 3-4 hours before using.

If this has not resolved the problem, please contact us on 0844 808 2408 and we can arrange for a return form to be emailed to you.


I sent a faulty product back, what happens now?

Replacements take averagely three weeks as they go through a system that ensures you item is tested/fixed and you are recorded in the returns registry.  Please note that we have to have your return a minimal of 7 days before any decisions are made.

On average, refunds take up to three weeks as they go through a system that ensures you item is tested and that you are recorded in the returns registry. If you are returning for a refund then please email or call us to see if you’re entitled to one.

Please be aware that there is a time scale on faulty and un-faulty products.

Please note that if your request has been declined, you will be made aware and given other options.

Time scales for returns are based on average cases, if we have problems getting this to you with in the time scale you will be made aware.


How long is the warranty for my product?

You will get a Manufacturer’s guarantee for 12 month which covers the internal parts of the tablet. However, that wouldn't cover any damage to the external parts such as screen, ports and buttons. You can always send it back to us to repair any damages to the external parts, but a fee will apply. 

All accessories such as earphone that comes with the package of the tablet only have a 28 days warranty. So we can replace them free of charge only within 28 days after customer receives the item.


Windows Tablet Microsoft Office Registration

When you purchase the Windows tablet you can register for a six month free trial of Microsoft Office.

When you go through the initial setup of your tablet you will be asked to specify what kind of user you are. The options are:

      1. Microsoft User

      2. Local user

If you wish to use Microsoft Office then you need to select option 1.

If you selected option 2 during the initial setup, you will get an error message when you try to open Microsoft Office. In order to correct this, please follow the two following procedures:

First Procedure

  • Click the symbol with two people on it
  • Switch to Microsoft User and register online

Second Procedure

  • Select PC Settings
  • Select Control Panel
  • Select Program
  • Select Microsoft
  • Select Repair
  • Then follow the Microsoft registration process