m26 watch

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Package Size:13.8*6.8*6.6cm Package Weight:0.2kg Production Size:5.3*1*1.5cm Production Weight:0.06kg

M26 smart Bluetooth watch highlights:

1. watches are simple and simple

2. Bluetooth connection can dial the phone number anytime and anywhere on the watch; it can connect Android Apple system and perfect compatibility.

3. the smart phone on the synchronous machine can search or dial the phone without using smart phone.

4. synchronous call bell when the telephone, the watch will ring the bell or shock reminding, and display the phone number, without a smart phone, you can watch the call, so you will not miss any one call;

5. Anti-loss function When the smartphone dropped, more than 10 meters or so, the watch will ring or vibrate to remind you, from now on no longer worry about losing the phone;

6. SMS synchronization, as long as you install APk software on Android smart phone, when SMS comes, you will remind and check it in the watch.

7. the built-in style device can be hands-free, and the Bluetooth 3 module has more smooth call effect.

8. Built-in multi-language: English, French, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Dutch, German, Turkey, Chinese, Russian.

9. main functions: Bluetooth reception call, Bluetooth synchronous SMS, Bluetooth two-way anti loss, Bluetooth music, Bluetooth remote control photo, Bluetooth push, Facebook and other app notifications, caller shock reminding, alarm clock, pedometer, stopwatch, pedometer.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review