Multi-function Alarm Clock BenchMart Wireless Charger & Wooden LED Alarm Clock with Voice Control

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Product description

1. Mobile phone wireless charging function.

2. Multi-color font selection, different color font prices are different, please consult.

3. LED digital time display.

4. LED digital temperature display, Fahrenheit and Celsius conversion.

5. LED date display.

6. Alarm settings.

7. Wood type desktop beautiful alarm clock.

8. Three sets of alarms can be set

9. Can be switched by 12/24 hour system

10. Use 3 No. 7 batteries or USB power cable to supply power (built-in power supply, not displayed when power is off but still can be timed normally, eliminating the trouble of resetting the time after each power failure)

You can choose to use the voice mode or the constant light mode (the battery control is recommended to select the voice mode)




(No reviews yet) Write a Review