Portable Mini Phone Humidifier Cell Phone Beauty Mist Spray Diffuser

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Product Overview

  • This cellphone sprayer using mobile phone casing material ABS plastic handle,similar to the phone,android system and the ISO system jack you choose,a plug and play,beauty water,simple and convenient
  • This product uses high-tech nano-technology,high-speed vibration technology sprayer 140,000 times per second,so that water ultra ion ejection,quickly open the skin replenishment channels,comfortable and gentle non-irritating to skin texture,dense water permeable skin smooth and supple net run
  • Our mini-sprayer imported chips take power,safe and reliable,spray timed one minute,one minute after the spraying is stopped for an open press switch
  • Our Sprayer compact portable,always pay,mobile phone USB power supply control,convenient for shopping,leisure,at any time and place in automobiles,etc.,can be hung on the bag or on the bag
  • Our sprayer simple operation,the interface into the phone USB charging port,press the switch to spray,there are a variety of colors,like to quickly order it
Product Parameters:
  • Rated voltage:3.7V
  • Power Rating:1.2W
  • Atomization amount:1.2~1.8ml/min
  • Water tank capacity:8ml
  • Atomized particles:0.3μm
  • Spray heat:cold spray
  • Can only filling the tank of water with a dropper, not directly with tap water,which would allow water to enter the sprayers
  • You can add non-aqueous or oily substances into the tank, but can not add powdered solids into the tank
  • water-soluble lotion must be five times with water(preferably warm water 40 ℃ to 50 ℃) is diluted before being added to the tank
  • Alcohol can not be added to the tank,it will damage the machine life
  • Do not use alcohol,detergents containing mercury,alkaline and acidic cleaning and other supplies
  • Do not use skin wound appears
  • Do not spray directly into the eye
  • a high concentration of lotion Please use diluted,can not exceed 20% of the proportion of water make-up water
Package include:the phone is not include)
  • 1x Cell Phone Beauty Mist Spray Diffuser
  • 1x Use Manual
  • 1x dropper


(No reviews yet) Write a Review