Remote Control Colour Change LED Bulb

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Product Overview

Whether you're in the mood for dancing, the mood for lovin', or the mood to simply read and relax after a long day, these incredible colour changing 2-in-1 bulbs are ideal. They're perfect for adding an ambiance to the bedroom or transforming the lounge to a dance floor. 

Using the slim remote you can easily adapt the lighting in any room, changing the colour from red to blue or green, even a true white light. With more than simple on/off options, you also have the choices of solid, flash, strobe, fade and smooth effects. From the remote you can also turn the light on/off and even dim the light to your required level. The remote will work up to a distance of 10m via infrared.


  •  Remote Control Colour Change LED Bulb (B22/E27)
  • 9W True (warm) white 
  • 3W Colour changing
  • Golf ball shape
  • 180° beam angle
  • A+ energy rating


(No reviews yet) Write a Review