SmartPro 4K Ultra HD WIFI Waterproof Sports Camera with remote

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Product Overview

Production Size:26.6*16.2*6.2cm Production Weight:0.8kg Package Size:6*4.1*2.5cm Package Weight:0.5kg






1. Waterproof case is convenient for you to take a phone in  water sports and can up to 30 meters deep waterproof.

2. Slow  photography

3. The max  resolution of video is 4K 30fps.

4. Wide-angle 170 ° HD camera  lens.

5. 16-megapixel HD lens.

6. Low  power consumption and be used for about 90 minutes when WIFI is  open.

7. Super  HD 2.0 display screen, display and rebroadcast wonderful video.

8. Battery  is removeable and convenient to replace and can extend it’s  life.

9. Charge  up the battery and get a video at the same time.

10. HDMI:High  definition output.

11. Support 64G memory card.

12. Many  patterns of recording video: 1080p,720p

13. H.264  pattern record video

14. Many  photography pattern:common,timing, automatically,sports trail

15. Many  record video pattern:common,loop, stop-motion

16. Mini  appearance:many optional colors

17. Come with 2.4G remote 


Operating Attentions

 1.This is a high-precision product,please do not let is fall or  strike.
 2.Please do not let the camera close to the objects with  strong-magnetic,such as magnet and power-driven machine.In  addition,please also avoid closing to the objects which can  launch strong radio wave.Because the strong magnetic field may  cause product breakdown or destroy the image and sound.
 3.Please do not put the camera in the place with high  temperature or direct sunshine.
 4.Please choose the Micro SD card with brands, because ordinary  card can not be guaranteed for using regularly.
 5.Please do not let the Micro SD card put in or close to the  places with the strong-magnetic in order to avoid losing the  data of the Micro SD card.
 6.During the process of the charging up the battery, if the  product gives out heat and smoke or gives off peculiar smell  please immediately unplug the power to avoid the fire.
 7.When charging up the battery,please let the product put in  the places where children can not touch,because the power cable  may cause the children stifle or suffer from electric shock.
 8.Please let the product put in the shady,dry and insulated  places. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review