Tower Cerasure+ Copper XL 180 Grill and Griddle

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Product Overview

Cook a full English breakfast without the fuss using Tower's XL 180 Grill and Griddle. It features powerful high-wattage for quick and efficient grilling, with Cerasure-coated cooking plates which require little to no oil to help reduce your food's fat contents.

The dual cooking plates open up to 180 degrees to provide plenty of space for grilling extra portions of eggs, sausages and bacon. With its exceptional non-stick properties, very little food residue is left behind on the grill's surface, cutting the cleaning short between uses. Its cool-touch housing makes sure the appliance can be comfortably handled once hot, with a power indictor light to let you know when the grill is ready to use.

Key Features

Versatile breakfast maker for eggs / sausages / bacon and more
Powerful 1000W for quick and even cooking / grilling
Ceramic non-stick copper coating for easy cleaning
Opens 180 degrees to create additional cooking space for grilling
Quick and simple operation for a full breakfast without the fuss
Power on and ready indicator lights for added ease of use
Cool touch housing and safety cut out for added peace of mind
Anti-slip feet for added stability on your work surface


(No reviews yet) Write a Review