Tower Rose Gold Soup Maker T12031RG

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Product Overview

Generous 1.6L capacity jug makes 4-6 portions of soup at once
Blends ingredients and heats up in one
Choose the texture you like-chunky or smooth soup and even blend baby food
Durable stainless steel jug and blade

Quick and Simple Soup Making
This soup maker’s 1000 W of power and efficient stainless steel blade allow you to make all kinds of soup in a matter of minutes. This appliance simultaneously heats and blends your food, cutting down on the amount of time and effort required to prepare smooth and creamy soup, a wholesome broth or even pureed baby food.

Make your soup safely with the Intelligent Control System
In addition to being practical, this soup maker is also very safe to use. Not only does its intelligent control system gives you peace of mind as you create your delicious soup dinner.

Blend soup for all the family
This soup maker offers a generous 1.6 litre capacity, allowing you to cook for the whole family in only one use. This makes the appliance perfect for large households or people with busy lifestyles, who need to fit meal preparation around their schedule



(No reviews yet) Write a Review