TPMS Tyre Pressure Monitoring System with 4 IP67 External Sensors and Dual 5V USB Ports, Built-in Visual and Audio Alarm System

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Product Overview

  • Erayak TPMS with strong anti-interference ability, stable signal and four-wheel wireless smart sensing technology, tire pressure monitoring system measuring tire pressure and temperature automatically to improve fuel efficiency and reduce tire wear out, which can prolong tyre life and increase traffic safety
  • Pressure accuracy: 0.1bar/1.5psi, max monitor pressure: 116 psi. LCD display shows the pressure and temperature of 4 tires at the same time, measurement units (PSI/BAR, °F/°C). The value can be customized (default is 1.7-3.2bar), the sensor battery (CR1632) can be replaced
  • The TPMS is smart kit for tire pressure and temperature detecting, it can automatic update tire sensor data every 3 seconds and displays pressure and temperature of 4 tires simultaneously when the vehicle is moving, the maximum transmission theoretical distance of the signal is 30 meters
  • TPMS can provide visual and audible warnings when the tire pressure and temperature exceed the alarm value, and also can automatic alarm when the sensor battery is low or the the battery voltage is low, that will be more real-time and accurate to ensure your safety when driving
  • Erayak TPMS can be widely used, suitable for various 4-wheel vehicles with tire pressure below 8.0 bar, sedan car, off road vehicle, SUV, commercial car, station wagon, minibus, limousine, MPV, sports car, pickup truck and more. Certified with CE/FCC/ROHS, the purpose is to help you upgrade your car experience and create one more safety environment


(No reviews yet) Write a Review