v5s watch

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Product Overview

Functional description

1. Motion records (pedometer, calorie burning, mileage, and movement trend chart for each time period).

2. Sleep monitoring (showing trend map of sleep quality per time)

3. Shake a picture

4, intelligent anti loss

5, caller and SMS reminding


Parameter description

1, Bluetooth 4, 0.86 OLED display

2. Input current: 50mA, input voltage: DC 5.0V.

3, host material: plastic

4, wristband material: silica gel

5, product size and watchband adjustable length: 20*11.6*130~198mm

6, equipment requirements: support Android 4.4, IOS 8 or more systems (except for special models)

7. The net weight of the monomer: 24g

Package Size:14.7*6.5*9.4cm Package Weight:0.1kg Production Size:20*2*1.5cm Production Weight:0.024kg


(No reviews yet) Write a Review